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How we managed and monitored 100k shipments per week

Industry leading logistics through proprietary in-house developed tracking systems
Brian Ruiz
· 2 min read

A modern approach to an old problem

Shipping food and perishables has been a challenging procedure for years, and the recent growth of e-commerce has only increased more demand in the supply chain. Though, in 2001 PeriShip set a new bar to customer service, forcing the entire industry to rethink their own solutions.

PeriShip focuses on providing the most robust shipping solutions and tracking to a wide range of customers who wish to ship highly valuable and or time sensitive products. Given PeriShips strategic & exclusive partnership with FedEX, we can leverage the best of their existing logistics infrastructure and provide excellent customer service through our suite suite of applications and support team.

PeriShips years of success allowed the company to diversify the solutions away from only shipping perishables. In 2017, PeriPharma was established. Offering our proficient solutions to clients in the pharmaceutical industry. In less than a year PeriPharma was monitoring an average of 100k weekly shipments, for customers like:

  • Sanofi Aventis
  • Optum, Inc
  • McKesson Corporation

My contributions to the team

I had the opportunity to work as a Software Engineer with PeriShip + PeriPharma, and contributed to various existing Django projects, ranging from client-facing to operations-facing web applications.

At PeriShip, I demonstrated my ability to design and develop with a more full stack approach. I was responsible for working with RESTful API services, and developing modern single plage applications with front-end frameworks.

Some of the technology I used during my team with the PeriShip team includes but not limited to:

  • Django REST Framework
  • Vue.js front-end framework
  • AJAX for SPA’s
  • MongoDB back-end

Claims app

One of the larger projects I’ve been assigned to here with PeriShip was porting the customer shipment-claims appliciation to our various different projects. Furthermore, adding more functionality to query the collection of shipment claims.

Service Center locator

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Service center locator application

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